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Not exactly Picasso [Feb. 27th, 2006|11:01 am]
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[mood |busy]

I have spent the last two weeks painting. Bedrooms! All in antici-pation of my mother moving in with us in April.

In the midst of all the painting, furniture moving and dithering, our dear friend Irina came to visit. She lives in Northern Maryland and used us as a way station for a trip to Las Vegas and Estrella War. We had very nice visits coming and going and it was good to get to know her better. She pointedout that at Pennsic I came across as "abrassive" which would explain why some of The Family thought I was not Brother material.

On the Home front, we finally got all of Sandy's stuff out of her apartment. Now our basement will be a mess until she gets a place to keep it. I promised to drive it down to Mississippi on my way to pick up my mom but so far she has made no arrangements to have a place to put it. This would require one of two things: getting a job and an apartment, or asking her mom if she can store the stuff at the house in Lucedale.

On the QUILT front: Jim and Sara's anniversary quilt is being quilted as we speak by a very nice lady here in College Park. All I need to do to finish it up is to add the binding and it will be good to go. The consolidation and set up of my studio went well but I haven't had time to do anything in there. Once mom moves in I will have time to get organized an get back into a production mode. Right now I do my best design work in my head as I a falling asleep at night. The really vivid images stick in my head and I sketch them out when I wake up. For a while that may be as good as it gets....